Health Communication - Capstone

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Capstone Experience:

The Health Communication Module Capstone Experience has two components:

  1. Compilation of a portfolio presented in the form of a professional website that documents and highlights the students’ progress through the module. The sections of the website should include:
    1. A personal introduction/brief biography page that introduces the viewer to the student.
    2. A curriculum vita including highlights of the student’s academic career, creative work, volunteer work, internships, and professional work.
    3. A narrative synthesis of the student’s progress through the module, including relevant course work, and participation in academic or community events.
    4. A description of a paper from the student’s course work, lab project, or internship that they believe highlights the area of health communication they are most interested in and best represents their work as a student. It is optional, but recommended to include supplementary information with the description (i.e., the full paper, illustrations, diagrams, pictures, video, etc.) This should be the paper that is presented at the poster session described below.
    5. A narrative synthesis of the students’ participation in internships or other extracurricular activities. The description should include an explanation of how the student applied her or his knowledge of health communication scholarship toward the co/extra-curricular activity, and what the student learned in the activity.
    6. Any other materials the student wishes to include that demonstrates how the module experience has contributed to learning, self-development, or social change.
  2. Further development and refinement of a paper or project completed during your module coursework, laboratory research, or an outside internship. This paper or project will be presented in an annual poster session to be held each spring for all module faculty and students to attend along with interested members of the broader NU community.