Health Communication - Courses

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Students must complete this course with a B- or better prior to entering the module. Students may be concurrently enrolled in this course when applying for admission to the module.

  • COMM ST 246: Introduction to Health Communication (Scherr, Reddy)


Students must take any 3 of the following courses, of which at least 2 must be in Communication Studies:

  • COMM ST 395*: Design and Evaluation of Health Information Technologies (Reddy)
  • COMM ST 395*: Design and Evaluation of Health Interventions (Scherr)
  • COMM ST 350: Assistive Communication Design (Piper)
  • COMM ST 394: Undergraduate Research Seminar: Persuasion in Health Contexts (O’Keefe)
  • COMM ST 395*: Children, Media, and Health (Wartella)
  • COMM ST 395*: Informed Consent and Shared Decision-Making in Healthcare (Lambert)
  • GEN_CMN/CSD 108 Sound and Communication Health
  • CSD 369 Special Topics in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Communication Process in Aging* Offered every other year
  • CSD 373: Learning Disabilities
  • CSD 376: Diagnostic and Remedial Approaches for Children with Learning Problems

Appropriate substitutions may be approved by the module coordinator. Students seeking approval of a substitution should submit a written request including a rationale for the substitution. Students are encouraged to get approval in advance of completing a course, as having completed the course will not be a factor in substitution decisions.

Suggested Courses for Further Study Outside SoC:

  • ECON 307: Economics of Medical Care
  • GENDER STUDIES 332: Gender, Sexuality and Health Activities
  • PUBLIC HEALTH 304: Introduction to Epidemiology
  • SOC 355: Medical Sociology
  • SOC 376: Mental Health and Society
  • SOC POL 311: Topics in Social Policy: Social Policy and the US Healthcare System
  • Anthropology 221: Social and Health Inequalities
  • Anthropology 315: Medical Anthropology
  • Sociology 220: Health, Biomedicine, Culture & Society
  • Global Health 301: Introduction to International Public Health
  • Global Health 302: Global Bioethics
  • Global Health 390: The Social Determinants of Health
  • Global Health 390: Health and Humanitarianism
  • Global Health 390: Managing Global Health Challenges