Comedy Arts - Capstone

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Capstone Experience:

  1. Compilation of a portfolio that highlights the students’ progress through the module. The portfolio should include two (2) full-length projects and two (2) short-form projects, totaling four (4) projects taken from the categories listed below:
    Full-length projects:
    1. An original 30-minute half hour comedy script.
    2. A 30-minute spec script of a comedy that is currently on the air.
    3. A comedic full-length play, screenplay or hour-long teleplay.

    Short-form projects:

    1. A performance of a chosen comedic monologue, comedic performance piece or a solid five minute stand-up set.
    2. Five strong sketches and/or desk material for late night comedy submissions.
    3. A ten-minute sample of original comedic web content.
    4. A ten-page overview demonstrating how the module experience has contributed to learning, self-development, or social change.

    Students will also choose one of their portfolio assignments (a portion of a full-length project or one of their short form projects) to present in an annual poster session. This session will be held each spring for all module faculty and students to attend along with interested members of the broader NU community.

  2. A narrative synthesis of the students’ participation in internships or other extracurricular activities. The description should include an explanation of how the student applied her or his knowledge of comedy writing toward the co/extra-curricular activity, and what the student learned in the activity. This narrative synthesis description could also be presented as a performed piece by the student or other actors, using techniques learned during internships or other extracurricular activities.
  3. Two written exploration/response assignments:
    1. A five (5) page critical exploration of the module courses taken and how an aspect or aspects of the comedic arts is connected to the societal impact of comedy performance and/or writing.
    2. Three (3) one-page responses regarding the three (3) community building activities (see below) and how the activities taught them more about the genre and/or inspired their own work in some way.

Capstone requirements will be developed out of work completed in classes chosen for the Comedy Module and/or via an out of class comedy activity, group or individual form of participation. Some other requirements, which involve reflecting on co-curricular activities, will be developed outside of classes, but under the advisement of the module coordinator(s).