Devising and Adaptation - Extracurriculars

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Opportunities for application and practice on campus:
Students interested in developing public performances of original work have several outlets on campus. Among StuCo groups, Vertigo Productions dedicates it entirely to producing student-written work. Other StuCo groups (including AATE, JTE, Lovers and Madmen, Purple Crayon, Sit & Spin, and Wave) have produced adaptations, original student plays, and outreach-oriented theatre; Purple Crayon devotes itself entirely to theatre for young audiences. The Performance Studies "Performance Hour" series regularly features original adaptations and performances based on ethnographic research. The lab shows in the Theatre and Interpretation Center have included original adaptations in recent seasons.

Opportunities for projects, practica, and internships off campus:
Recommended opportunities for projects, practica, internships, and observerships off campus, in professional settings including: Lookingglass, Albany Park Theatre Project, Lifeline, The House, City Lit, NeoFuturists, Dog & Pony, Collaboraction, and others. To be coordinated with the EPICS program and individual faculty mentors.