Devising and Adaptation - Overview

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Sponsoring Department: Theatre, Performance Studies

Module Coordinator (main student contact): Paul Edwards

Committee of Instruction: Paul Edwards (Performance Studies); Michael Rohd (Theatre); Jessica Thebus (Theatre)

Module Advisor: Kyla Katz

Based on the growing international interest in the exploration of new models for developing and producing work, the Devising and Adaptation module offers you a set of tools for collaboration, for co-authorship, and for investigating the starting impulses in making new performance. You will learn to develop devised performances (created from materials generated by combinations of theatre artists that may include performers, directors, writers, designers, and in certain instances community collaborators) and adapted performances (created from literary works not written for the stage). You will learn to practice collaboration in two settings: performance creation (collaboration among the creators themselves) and performance communication (collaboration between performers and audiences). You will also learn to incorporate place or site in the development of new work, in ways that connect art-making to civic space. In connection with this, you'll develop visual and auditory skills in performance composition related to non-traditional performance spaces.

Learning Objectives:

  • Practice devising and adaptation in the collaborative creation of new performance. Required gateway courses (200- and 300-level) introduce you to methods and techniques of devised theatre, and of textual adaptation for stage performance.
  • Critique and theorize new performance, by studying and employing the scholarly discourses in the growing field of adaptation studies.
  • Develop interactive performance work that foregrounds collaboration between performers and audiences.
  • Develop new performance that responds to place, site, and civic space.
  • Learn skills in performance composition that takes place both inside and outside traditional theatres.