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Aryeh Jacobsohn

Aryeh Jacobsohn is a web and mobile product manager with expert user research skills, startup experience and a well-rounded brain. At dscout, Aryeh combines his academic background in cognitive anthropology with his consulting experience to create products that allow anybody with a few hundred dollars to conduct efficient, effective mobile research that combines the best elements of surveys, behavioral measurement and participant-directed ethnography. Aryeh started to pay his rent by writing surveys under the wing of H. Russell Bernard at the University of Florida in 2004, and has worked in the research industry since. After obtaining an MA in Biological Anthropology at Northwestern and cutting his teeth on the research team at Razorfish, Aryeh joined dscout in 2012 as employee #5. At dscout, Aryeh helped to grow the team to 30+ by using his methodological acumen and consulting experience to knock research designs — and the software that fields them — out of the park. A scientifically-minded methods geek, Aryeh would love to help you build better experiences by testing a hypothesis (or three).

Drew Faust

Drew Faust (C 94) works as an Information Architect on Nike's Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team. They’re currently focused on implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) platform for Nike. He works with Customer, Location and Reference data. Drew has enjoyed working for Nike for over 13 years now. Sports has been a lifelong passion and he enjoys playing basketball at lunch, testing basketball footwear, training for triathlons, and playing as much golf as possible - including speedgolf.

Ronnie K. Pirovino

Ronnie K. Pirovino is a graduate of Northwestern University. As Technical Director, from 2009-2015, at BLT Communications, LLC in Hollywood, CA, he developed, designed and oversaw major online advertising campaigns for movies, TV , broadway and video games. Companies that are clients of BLT include Disney , 20th Century Fox , DreamWorks , AMC , HBO , A&E , Netflix , FX , VH1 , Oxygen , etc. Ronnie has received numerous honors; in 2011 he won a People's Voice Award Webby and an Internet Awards Competition Prize for Best TV Rich Media Online Ad Campaign. Alongside with his career in digital media, Ronnie has a parallel track in professional art services with his company Pirovino Projex. His art collection, primarily in works by KAWS, is world-renowned and he has been interviewed in many publications, including London's I-D Magazine. In December 2013, he was featured in I-D as a globally recognized expert collector of contemporary art. Ronnie currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT, with his wife Melanie and his two kids, Ryker and Klara. He is pursuing independent consulting and various business ventures that stem from his extensive digital experience and art-related endeavors.