Media Arts and Game Design - Overview

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Sponsoring Department: Radio/Television/Film

Module Coordinator (main student contact): Özge Samanci

Committee of Instruction: Jacob Smith, Debra Tolchinsky, Darren Gergle, Ian Horswill, Özge Samanci, Eric Patrick, Ariel Rogers, Chaz Evans, Stephan Moore

Module Advisor: Freda Love Smith

Media Arts and Game Design module will introduce you to emerging trends in interactive arts and will give you several opportunities to create various interactive objects and platforms for a variety of uses. Special attention will be given to the development of form and content. We will also emphasize the ability to create a wide scope of decision making opportunities for the users (players, consumers) of these projects. As a capstone, you will expand a final project that you developed in one of the module classes or build a new project that becomes a portfolio piece.

Learning Objective:

  • Develop an understanding of interactivity and exhibit that understanding via the creation and analysis of a range of interactive works.