Media and Creative Markets - Overview

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Sponsoring Department: Communication Studies

Module Coordinator: Aymar Jean Christian

Committee of Instruction: James Webster, Larissa Buchholz, Claudio Benzencry, Neil Verma

Module Advisor: Sarah Syversen

In this module, students will investigate the histories and contemporary conditions of media and creative markets. Courses focus on the production, distribution, and reception of cultural works in the United States and around the world. Topic-based courses will delve into specific markets like television, film, video games, music, and art. Introductory and theory-based courses explore a range of media markets through issues of power, capital, value, labor, and regulation. Students will have the opportunity to work on case studies, history, and their own productions in their pursuit of knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

  • To introduce students to how media and creative markets have taken shape historically and in the contemporary period.
  • To allow students to explore how power, capital, value, labor and regulation affect culture.
  • To offer students guidance in researching, developing and producing media texts through an understanding of how they emerge in markets.