Performance and Activism - Extracurriculars

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Opportunities to Engage

  • Participation in Northwestern Conference on Human Rights (NUCHR)
  • Participation in green student groups: ECO, EWS, SEED, G.R.E.E.N. House
  • Participation in Minorities in the Pursuit of Law and Business (The Pursuit)
  • Work with RTVF and Theatre Department to develop community-based performance
  • Work with Communication Studies to develop advocacy initiatives and service
  • Volunteering for/participation in events sponsored by Center for Civic
  • Volunteering for/participation in events sponsored by Program in African Studies
  • Volunteering for/participation in Children and Family Justice Center
  • Volunteering for/participation in Center for International Human Rights
  • Volunteering for/participation in Center for Global Culture and Communication
  • Volunteering for local non-for-profit organizations
  • Internships with not-for-profit organizations

Community Building Opportunities:

  • Attending and participating in departmental Performance Hours
  • Attending and participating in Guest Speaker Series
  • Attending and participating in “On Your Feet Graduate” performance workshops
  • Attending and volunteering for Graduate Student Recitals
  • Attending capstone presentations and performances
  • Attending designated group trips to local productions relevant to the module curriculum