Theatre Management - Courses

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Approved Theatre Management Module Courses

Prerequisite (Required) Course: THEA 241-9 Introduction to Stage Management (Instructor: Barbara Butts)
249-1 Introduction to Stage Management is the gateway course to the TMM.  This course must be completed by the end of sophomore year.

Core Courses: (select at least one)

  • THEA 330-0 Special Topic, Theatre Management and Arts Leadership (Instructor: Diane Claussen)
  • THEA 350-0 Production Management (Instructor: Dixie Uffelman)

Optional Courses (select at least two)

  • CMN 302-0  Law of the Creative Process (Instructor: Rick Morris)
  • THEA 330-0 Special Topic, Broadway in Chicago Marketing Practicum (Instructors: Eileen LeCario, Ashlee Harris)
  • THEA 249-2 Advanced Stage Management (Instructor: Deb Styer – fall course only)
  • 380 Stage Management Independent Study (Instructor: Barbara Butts)
  • 380 Junior Tutorial: Transitioning from Educational to Professional (Instructor: Barbara Butts – winter course only)
  • COMM ST 395 Nonprofit Communication Management (Instructor: Michelle Shumate)
  • COMM ST 366 Organizational Behavior and Innovation (Instructor: Michelle Shumate)
  • BUS INST 239 Marketing Management
  • BUS INST 260 Accounting & Business Finance
  • BUS INST 394 Leadership and Ethics
  • BUS INST 394 Contemporary Issues in PR
  • BUS INST 394 Entrepreneurship
  • BUS INST 394 The Evolving Third Sector: Lessons In Nonprofit Management

Please note: In addition to coursework, you are expected to complete a 338 Internship or a summer internship for no credit.