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Capstone project and portfolio

Students complete a Capstone in the final Spring quarter of their module experience. The capstone project requires a poster presentation integrating what the students learned in their courses with their observations and experiences interacting with children in real-world settings. The presentation may be based on ideas for an intervention, research study, media project (e.g., children’s book, video game, movie), theatrical production, business venture, museum exhibit, outreach program, curricular plan, or other topic as approved by the module’s coordinator and committee. Alternatively, the presentation might report on the student’s volunteer experience, what they learned from it, and how their observations there connect with their class-work. The project will be presented at an undergraduate mini-conference in the Spring.

In addition to the presentation, each student will be required to independently write a two-page paper detailing how their project incorporates what they have learned from all classes in the module, as well as their volunteer experience. This written document is meant to help the student reflect on whether they have achieved the learning objectives of the module.

Portfolio: Students are expected to build a portfolio of materials representing their accomplishments in the area of children and communication as they progress through the module. Papers, research studies, and artistic projects would be appropriate to include in this portfolio. Students are also strongly encouraged to keep a journal in which they reflect upon the big picture points learned within and across classes (e.g., How does what you are learning in class connect with synergistic activities off-campus? Can you anticipate how they might interact with upcoming courses? What questions do you hope will be answered as you move forward?). This will be due with the capstone presentation/paper.