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Students must take three of the following courses:

  • COMM ST 390: Children’s Culture
  • COMM ST 395: Topics in Communication Studies (Children and Communication)
  • COMM ST 395: Topics in Communication Studies (Children, Media, and Health)
  • CSD 342: Typical and Atypical Development in Infants and Toddlers
  • CSD 392: Language Development and Usage
  • THEATRE 347: Theater for Young Audiences
  • THEATRE 332-1: The Art of Storytelling

* It is expected that courses currently being offered for the first time as 395 will become full-fledged COMM ST courses within approximately one year of this proposal being submitted.

Appropriate substitutions may be approved by the module coordinator. Students seeking approval of a substitution should submit a written request including a rationale for the substitution. Students should attempt to get approval in advance of completing a course, as having completed the course will not be a factor in substitution decisions.

Suggested courses for further study outside SoC

Students are encouraged to work together to discover interesting courses throughout Northwestern University that are relevant to the content of the module.  Some examples include:

  • LING 311: Child Language
  • PSYCH 244: Developmental Psychology
  • PSYCH 370: Cognitive Development
  • PSYCH 381: Children and the Law
  • SESP 201: Human Development: Childhood and Adolescence
  • HDPS 306: Developmental psychopathology
  • TEACH ED 327: Educating exceptional children
  • TEACH ED 329: Early adolescent development and intervention

*Note: SESP limits enrollment in courses.