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Capstone Experience: 

  1. Compilation of a portfolio that highlights the students’ progress through the module. The portfolio should include two (2) full-length projects and two (2) short-form projects, totaling four (4) projects taken from the categories listed below: 
    1. Full-length projects: 
      1. An original 30-minute half hour comedy script. 
      2. A 30-minute spec script of a comedy that is currently on the air. 
      3. A comedic full-length play, screenplay or hour-long teleplay. 
    2. Short-form projects: 
      1. A performance of a chosen comedic monologue, comedic performance piece or a solid five minute stand-up set. 
      2. Five strong sketches and/or desk material for late night comedy submissions. 
      3. A ten-minute sample of original comedic web content. 
  2. A five (5) page critical exploration of the module courses taken and how an aspect or aspects of the comedic arts is connected to the societal impact of comedy performance and/or writing. 
  3. Three (3) one-page responses regarding the three (3) community building activities they attended or participated in (see Extracurriculars) and how the activities taught them more about the genre and/or inspired their own work in some way.