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Initial Required Course:
Students must complete this course with a B- or better prior to entering the module. Students may be concurrently enrolled in this course when applying for admission to the module.
RTVF 230-0 – Understanding Media Contexts
RTVF 260-0 – Foundations of Screenwriting

Students must take any 3 of the elective courses. Please note: enrollment in a module does not guarantee space in any course, nor does it provide registration priority.
RTVF 298-0 Studies in Media Topics (comedy topics such as TV Comedy, Comedy & the Body, Disney)
RTVF 322 Radio/Television/Film Genre Topics (comedy topics such as Romantic Comedy)
RTVF 358-0 Topics in Improv (any topic)
RTVF 360-0 Topics in Media Writing (comedy topics such as Writing the ½ hour Pilot, Writing Compelling Characters, Writing & Performing Standup, Writing Romantic Comedy, Writing the Coming-of-Age Script)
RTVF 369-0 Topics in Acting for Screen: Comedy Acting
RTVF 379-0 Topics in Film/Video/Audio Production (comedy topics such as Sitcom Production, Romantic Comedy)
RTVF 464-0 Advanced Media Writing: Advanced Sitcom Writing
PERF ST 330-0 Topics in Performance Studies (comedy topics, by coordinator approval)
THEATRE 370-0 Topics in Acting (comedy topics, by coordinator approval)
THEATRE 375-0 Advanced Acting Topics (comedy topics, by coordinator approval)

The Comedy Arts Module is housed within the Radio/Television/Film department and optimally designed for RTVF majors. Students in adjacent departments, such as Theatre, may have difficulty in meeting the capstone requirements. Enrollment in the Comedy Arts Module is not a guarantee of access to courses.

Students seeking to have a course not on the above list approved as an elective (including any of the topics listed “by coordinator approval”) must receive written confirmation from a module coordinator. Students are encouraged to obtain this approval before enrolling in a course.