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Creative Writing for the Media

>> This module is not currently accepting new enrollments. <<

The Creative Writing for the Media Module is designed to encourage mastery of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of narrative media. Coursework and CWMM Professional Board mentorship nurtures development of personal vision within the context of a unique and diverse collective educational experience. Completion of the module will result in a portfolio of written work, pragmatic preparation for a post-graduation career path and vibrant respect for the inherent value of participation in a supportive community in all aspects of creative endeavor.

Sponsoring Department: Radio/Television/Film

Module Coordinator (main student contact): Brett Neveu

Committee of Instruction: Brett Neveu, Dave Tolchinsky, Zayd Dohrn, Thomas Bradshaw

Module Advisor: Freda Love Smith

Learning Objectives:

  • A working knowledge of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of creative media.
  • Knowledge of and respect for the value of creative collaboration achieved through working in a cohort and active participation in an online learning experience.
  • Meeting and participating in CWMM Professional Board mentorship via email, phone calls and one-on-one meetings through the fall and winter quarters.
  • The CWMM Professional Board is comprised of six to eight Northwestern RTVF alumni currently working in the entertainment industry. This board works one-on-one with CWMM students throughout the fall and winter quarters to help develop the students’ writing as well as their professional/business acumen.
  • Develop a strong professional/business acumen for navigating the writing world.