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Capstone Portfolio:

Completion of one high quality full-length capstone project:

  • A feature length screenplay developed with the student’s industry mentor.
  • A full-length play approved by the student’s industry mentor.
  • A full-length television script (either one 1/2 hour or one-hour pilot script) developed with the student’s industry mentor.

Completion of the following portfolio elements:

  • A premise or logline and a synopsis for the capstone script(s).
  • A written examination of the student’s experience working with the industry mentor, including observations about how professional goals of the module were achieved.
  • Professional writing resume.
  • Written reflection on projected goals 1) for the year after graduation and 2) for the five years after graduation.

No adaptations of any kind will be accepted unless you have legal documentation for the possession of the underlying rights. If necessary, determination of qualifying capstone material will be made by the module coordinator(s) and the committee of instruction.

In spring quarter of your senior year (or the previous quarter, if you are graduating after winter quarter) you are required to post your entire Capstone Portfolio (all materials listed) on Box, as instructed by the module advisor. In addition to posting, you will be required to sign and submit a standard release form.