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Department: Radio/Television/Film

Sound Cultures

Sound Cultures The Sound Cultures module explores the interdisciplinary field of sound studies with attention to sound as cultural expression, creative practice, and a key component in the study of performance as communication.

Media Arts and Game Design

Media Arts and Game Design The Media Arts and Game Design module explores the foundations of digital interactive art, gaming, creativity for web, sensor based interactions, and useful daily applications of digital media.

Directing for the Screen

Directing for the Screen The Directing for the Screen module is for focused study and practice of narrative motion picture directing.

Creative Writing for the Media

Creative Writing for the Media The Creative Writing for the Media module is designed to encourage mastery of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of narrative media.

Comedy Arts

Comedy Arts Students will explore the field of comedy in fields of television, film, theatre, stand-up, prose, performance and sketch.

Acting for the Screen

Acting for the Screen A course of study designed for RTVF and Theatre Majors who wish to focus on the craft of performance for narrative cinema, television, and web media.