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Department: Theatre

Creating the Musical

Creating the Musical Students will explore the arts of book writing, lyric writing and composition, while also cultivating an understanding of what constitutes effective and healthy collaboration in Music Theatre.


Playwriting Responding to the heightened enthusiasm for the generation of new works in the SoC, the Playwriting module is designed to nurture a community of playwrights, ultimately preparing them to present themselves effectively to the profession.

Theatre Management

Theatre Management The Theatre Management module will prepare students to begin careers as theatre managers and leaders.

Theatre for Young Audiences

Theatre for Young Audiences The Theatre for Young Audiences module will allow students to heighten the synergy between active student groups, Evanston and Chicago community and professional companies, production work, and coursework.

Theatrical Design

Theatrical Design The Theatrical Design Module prepares undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career as a theatrical designer.

Acting for the Screen

Acting for the Screen A course of study designed for RTVF and Theatre Majors who wish to focus on the craft of performance for narrative cinema, television, and web media.

Children and Communication

Children and Communication Students will study the nuanced interplay between biology and environment that contribute to building developmental foundations for communication.