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How to Enroll

Entry Procedure:

This module is open to RTVF majors.

In the junior year, students apply for admission, which will accept 12 students, who will then take the core sequence of RTVF 397-1 (fall) and 397-2 (winter) in their senior year. To apply, students are required to have already completed one elective production course from the menu of 4 options. Students will present a proposal for a short film to be completed in the RTVF 397 sequence and a sample of past work.

To apply contact Kalisha Cornett, module advisor,

Module Timeline:

Students will be emailed in the winter quarter of junior year with instructions for applying to the module. Applications will be due in mid-March. The core course sequence will be completed in fall and winter of the student’s senior year, and the capstone must be submitted for evaluation by the fifth week of spring quarter and completed by the eighth week. Because of this timing, students will only have one opportunity to complete and submit the capstone.