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Eligibility: All SoC Majors

Sound Cultures

Sound Cultures The Sound Cultures module explores the interdisciplinary field of sound studies with attention to sound as cultural expression, creative practice, and a key component in the study of performance as communication.

Media and Creative Markets

Media and Creative Markets Students will investigate the histories and contemporary conditions of media and creative markets and explore how power, capital, value, labor and regulation affect culture.

Theatre for Young Audiences

Theatre for Young Audiences The Theatre for Young Audiences module will allow students to heighten the synergy between active student groups, Evanston and Chicago community and professional companies, production work, and coursework.

Health Communication

Health Communication Principles of health communication will be applied and examined in the context of their impact on patient safety, individual and population health outcomes, and organizational workflow in healthcare systems.

Creative Writing for the Media

Creative Writing for the Media The Creative Writing for the Media module is designed to encourage mastery of the art and craft of writing for screen, stage, television and all forms of narrative media.