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The Media and Creative Markets Module Capstone Experience has three components:

  1. Narrative Reflection Paper (5-7 pages, double spaced):  This paper provides an opportunity for students to reflect on what they learned in the courses taken for the module, as well as any relevant experiences they had (final projects, lab work, internships, and so on). Students are expected to provide a coherent narrative of their work that identifies thematic connections between their coursework and practical experiences, and outline how their progress ties in with their goals for the future.
  2. Project Description Document/Portfolio:  Students will prepare a document that outlines and describes each of the significant projects/experiences they’ve done in conjunction with the module. They will also provide copies of relevant research papers, presentations or projects that they worked on. Screenshots or links can be provided for work that is interactive or that exists online.
  3. Spring Poster Session:  In the spring quarter of every year, there will be a poster session featuring the work of students who completed their capstone projects that year. This is an opportunity for students to share what they’ve accomplished with faculty and other module-affiliated students, as well as their interaction with the industry board.

Capstones will be submitted by the fifth week of the the quarter immediately following the one in which the student completed their module course requirements. Projects are to be submitted via email to the module coordinator. They will be reviewed by module affiliated faculty. Projects will not be assigned a letter grade; rather, students will be given feedback and comments on their work. Since projects will be archived and presented later at the Spring Poster Session, students will in most cases be asked to make revision to their project based on the feedback given, even if they have officially ‘passed’ their module requirement.