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Prerequisite Course:
Must be completed prior to entering the module. Students may be concurrently enrolled in this course when applying for admission to the module.

  • COMM_ST 274-0 Power in Entertainment

Required Courses: 
Three additional courses from those listed below, with the following requirements: (1) at least two must be Communication Studies courses and (2) at least two must be at the 300 level.

Communication Studies Courses:
COMM_ST 225 Communication and Culture
COMM_ST 255-0 Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers, and Metrics
COMM_ST 355-0 Audience Analysis
COMM_ST 375-0 Sociology of Online News
COMM_ST 376-0 Contemporary Television
COMM_ST 377-0 Developing and Marketing of Popular Culture
COMM_ST 394-0 Creativity and Innovation
COMM_ST 371-0 Cultural Analytics
COMM_ST 370-0 Ethnographies of Culture
COMM_ST 395-0 Intersectionality and New Media**
COMM_ST 395 Media, Culture, Globalization

Radio/TV/Film Courses:
RTVF 230-0 Media in Context
RTVF 310-0 Television History
RTVF 312-1 Film History I/II
RTVF 341-0 Technological Innovations
RTVF 353 Film, Media and Globalization
RTVF 398-0 Issues in RTVF: History of the Recording Industry

**It is expected that courses currently being offered as 395 will become permanent COMM_ST courses within approximately one year of this proposal being submitted.

NOTE: Students may apply for no more than one substitution course offered within or beyond these courses that meets one or both of the following requirements:

  • the course directly addresses one or more media/creative markets from an industrial or sociological perspective 
  • the course will contribute in a demonstrable fashion to the students capstone project

All proposals for substitution must be made to the module coordinator before student enrolls in the course.