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Capstone Experience:
The capstone will include elements from both components:

  1. Portfolio Submission
    • Produce Original Work of Choreography for a showing in a “New Works Festival “, Spring Quarter of every second year of the module. Work must be able to be performed on campus.
      • Original choreography for existing music/book
      • Original choreography for new music/book/collaboration
        (Work must cover the spectrum, reference knowledge of traditional form, and non-traditional)
      • Develop a lecture demonstration
    • Develop and maintain chronological choreographic documentation consisting of but not limited to:
      • Video
      • Photos
      • CV
      • Journal / Blog / Vlog
      • Responses/Critiques of portfolio by Alum and/or professionals in the field
    • Maintain a blog/vlog for open communal critical discussion with peers addressing:
      • Choreographic or other works/shows viewed.
      • Ongoing projects.
  2. Artistic and Professional Reflection
    • Detail the arc of learning, including assessment of your unique preparation and skills.
    • Articulate how your awareness of the challenges and opportunities in the field have been impacted by this experience.
      • List of theatres, shows, choreographers/collaborators that most and least interest the student, and why.
      • List of possible opportunities to create work in non-traditional ways.
    • Detail the impact of mentoring and role models.
    • Discuss the influence of collaboration on your own process and voice.
    • Analysis/review of any co-curricular activity.
    • Analysis/review of any Inter/Externship activities.
    • View and write a review of one live Music Theater performance, either a professional, or a University production.