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  • 1 unit (3 classes of .33 credit) selected from Jump Rhythm Technique (any level), Music Theatre Dance, or Tap (any level), Jazz 3
  • Dance 225 Dance Composition

Required Courses:

  • Dance 235 Choreography for Music Theatre
  • Three from the following:
    • Dance 325 Advanced Choreographic Study
    • Dance 335 Special Topics as approved by Module director
    • Dance 335 Special Topics in Dance Research: Analysis of Styles in Music Theatre Choreography
    • Dance 345 Studies in Collaboration
    • Dance 365  American Rhythm Dancing and African American Performance Aesthetic
    • Dance 465 Studies in Dance

Recommended further study in SoC:

  • Junior Music Theatre Techniques
  • Staging the Musical

Suggested courses for further study outside SoC: To be determined.