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Capstone Experience :

Under the guidance of the advisor, the student will develop a long-term capstone project that may take a host of forms. In the eight week of the first quarter, the student, upon consultation with their advisor, will submit a 1 page proposal for the capstone experience to be approve by the advisor and module coordinator. For module participants who are also Performance Studies Majors, the capstone will double as an Honors Thesis in Performance Studies. Students are highly encouraged to  enroll in a quarter of Independent Study (PERF ST 399) during the capstone year. Capstones will primarily take one of three forms:

  1. The development of a performance based, activist intervention. Working in consultation with their advisor, the student will plan an activist intervention. In addition to executing the intervention, the student will produce a portfolio that documents the conceptualization and organization process behind the intervention. This intervention will be accompanied by a written component that may take a host of forms: an accompanying critical essay, a manifesto, a tactual manual, etc.
  2. The development of an original creative/performance work addressing a specific activist exigency. Following successful execution of the performance work (no later than the sixth week of the students graduating quarter) the student will produce a portfolio documenting the process behind the performance with a framing statement introducing the project.
  3. Development of a traditional scholarly research project that addresses a key issue regarding the intersection of activism and performance. This project will take the form of a capstone thesis. For this option, students will assemble a committee of two faculty (including the advisor) members who will evaluate the capstone (for pass/fail) in a formal defense to be conducted no later than the sixth week of the students graduating quarter.