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Prerequisite. Choose one from the two options:

  • Introduction to Performance Studies: PERF_Stud 200The course offers students an introduction to the field of performance studies, attending to fundamental histories, theories, and practices of/in performance.
  • Performance, Culture, and Communication: PERF_ST 203Through improvisation, symbolic movement, embodied imagery, rhetorical vignettes, and newspaper theatre students will enact oral histories, cultural myths, and contemporary news stories relating to human rights and social justice.

Choose three from these options:

  • Human Rights and Radical Performance: Perf_Stud 334The focus is on how social movements, local communities, and individual activists, from specific regions around the world, employ symbolic action to seek political empowerment, structural change, and the transformation of conflict.
  • Social Art Tactics: Perf_Stud 335Students will be exposed to artwork focused on social change in a variety of genres from performance and theatre to digital media, relational art, and photography.
  • Performance Art I: Perf_Stud 326-1This course examines the history, development, and theories of performance art as a live-art genre from the modernist avant-garde to contemporary cross-cultural forms.
  • Studies in Gender and Performance: Perf_Stud 307This course focuses on how gender is prescribed, reinforced, and transgressed; how race, class, and sexuality disrupt and/or affirm these representations. We will play close attention to live performance, including drag, performance art, and film.
  • Performance and Activism in Digital Culture PERF ST 301-0 This course explores the intersection between performance and digital media as tools for activism. Includes practices of hacktivism, countersurveillance, locative media activism, and networked protest.
  • Performance in Asian America PERF ST 302-0Introduction to the performance of Asian America, including popular culture, performance art, theatre, and dance. Overview of current practices in Asian American aesthetic criticism.
  • Transnational Flows of Performance PERF ST 303-0Exploration of how transnationalism and globalization challenge the concept of modern nation-states as bounded territories, identities, and cultures by considering how social actors negotiate these processes through perfor­mance as an embodied, in situ cultural practice.
  • Sonic Practices of the Middle East and North Africa PERF ST 304-0Sonic and musical practices and ritual in the Middle East and North Africa in relation to modernity, transnationalism, political economy, and performance.
  • Performance Theory PERF ST 305-0Introduction to theoretical approaches that animate performance studies, including Marxism, psychoanalysis, deconstruction, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, and queer theory.
  • Black Performance PERF ST 309-0Exploration of black performance traditions; introduction to various schools of thought regarding black performance.
  • Performance in Everyday Life PERF ST 311-0Conceptual view of human beings as actors. Dramatism and the perspective of life as theatre.
  • Latino/a Performance PERF ST 336-0Exploration of US Latina/o performance through narratives of migration, annexation, exile, and diaspora; focus on the arrival and development of Latin/o performance traditions in the US

*NOTE: Students may apply for no more than one substitution course offered within or beyond performance studies that meets one or both of the following requirements:

  • the course directly addresses the intersection of performance and activism


  • the course will contribute in a demonstrable fashion to the students capstone project

Note: All proposals for substitution must be made to the module coordinator before student enrolls in the course.