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Performance Studies, Analyses & Applications

In this module, students will explore the interdisciplinary field of performance studies, learning fundamental theories, histories, and practices in/of performance. Students will engage in both the study and making of performance as a tool for institutional and community transformation.

Module Coordinator: Joshua Chambers-Letson

Committee of Instruction: Joshua Chambers-Letson, Marcela A. Fuentes, E. Patrick Johnson, D. Soyini Madison, Ramón Rivera-Servera, Mary Zimmerman, Shayna Silverstein

Module Advisor: Roxane Heinze-Bradshaw

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the critical role of performance in the making and transformation of social and political realities
  • Use performance as a lens to assess, critique, and improve organizations, communities, and institutions
  • Apply performance as an action-based method of advocacy, mediation, and social/cultural transformation