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Choose one from the following two options.

  • Introduction to Performance Studies: PERF ST 200
    The course offers students an introduction to the field of performance studies, attending to fundamental histories, theories, and practices of/in performance.
  • Performance, Culture, and Communication: PERF ST 203
    Through improvisation, symbolic movement, embodied imagery, rhetorical vignettes, and newspaper theatre students will enact oral histories, cultural myths, and contemporary news stories relating to human rights and social justice. (Note that for students interested in pursuing a practice based capstone, 203 is highly recommended).

Choose three additional courses in performance studies. At least two must be above the 300 level and at least one must meet the department’s diversity requirement.

Diversity requirement courses:

  • PERF ST  302 Performance in Asian America
  • PERF ST  303 Transnational Flows of Performance
  • PERF ST  304 Sonic Practices of Middle East and North Africa
  • PERF ST  307-1,2 Studies in Gender and Performance I and II
  • PERF ST  309 Black Performance
  • PERF ST  310 Literature and Performance of Women of Color
  • PERF ST  334 Human Rights and Radical Performance
  • PERF ST  336 Latina/o Performance