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Responding to the heightened enthusiasm for the generation of new works in the School of Communication, this module is designed to nurture a community of playwrights, ultimately preparing them to present themselves effectively to the profession.

Sponsoring Department: Theatre

Module Coordinator (main student contact): Laura Schellhardt

Committee of Instruction: Laura Schellhardt, Julie Marie Myatt, Mary Poole, Devon De Mayo

Module Advisor: Exal Iraheta

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a working knowledge of plays and playwrights throughout history, including the body of work being generated today.
  • Become articulate about the theatrical techniques and themes employed in said plays and to apply them to one’s own scripts/classwork.
  • Navigate the unique and challenging world of new play development. This may include work-shopping and/or producing a play of one’s own, or being part of that process in a different artistic capacity.
  • Produce a portfolio of work which includes (but is not limited to) two full lengths plays, one ten-minute play, and a script of a different medium (adaptation, television, film, web-isode, etc).
  • Become a supportive part of a dramatic writing ensemble. Learn a variety of workshop methods that further a play’s progress.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the new play development business, including (but not limited to): theatres across the country, their literary staffs and their new work programs, agent solicitation, contract negotiation, resume/vitae construction, festivals and colonies, professional organization such as the Dramatists Guild and the Playwright’s Center, graduate schools and the programs they offer.