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Prerequisites: Theatre 330 Playwriting I OR A playwriting course offered in RTVF Department


Track One
The Advanced Playwriting Sequence AND two of the following electives.

Track Two
Two Genre Playwriting Courses AND three of the following electives.


  • THEATRE 307 Studies in Gender and Performance
  • THEATRE 312-1,2 Storytelling – Lynn Kelso, Rives Collins
  • THEATRE 330-0, Section 23, Devising Site Specific Work – Michael Rohd
  • THEATRE 330 Devising Civic Theatre – Michael Rohd
  • THEATRE 330-0, Section 21, Writing for Musical Theatre – David Bell
  • THEATRE 353-0, Topics in Stagecraft: Toy Theatre – Jessica Thebus
  • THEATRE 348-1,2 Creative Drama – Lynn Kelso, Rives Collins
  • THEATRE 368-0, Section 20, African Theatre and Drama
  • ENGLISH 206 Reading and Writing Poetry
  • ENGLISH 207 Reading and Writing Fiction
  • ENGLISH 208 Reading and Writing Creative Non-Fiction
  • ENGLISH 209 Topics: Writing the Memoir
  • JOUR 201-1, Section 20, Reporting & Writing
  • JOUR 301-0, Section 20, Enterprise Reporting in Diverse Communities (201 is a prerequisite)
  • PERF ST 216-0, Section 20, Performance and Culture
  • PERF ST Theatrical Adaptation – Jessica Thebus, Paul Edwards
  • PERF ST 330-0, Section 20, Topics in Perf. Studies – Creative Lab-Performing Writer
  • PERF ST 330-0, Section 21, The Art of Clown
  • PERF ST 330-0, Section 21, Topics in Perf. Studies – Queer Sexualities and Popular Culture
  • PERF ST 336-0, Section 20, Performance of Latino Literature – Ramon Rivera-Servera
  • PERF ST 515-0, Section 20, Seminar: US Black Feminist/Queer Theory
  • RTVF 298 Topics in Media writing
  • RTVF 360 Topics in Media writing – Screenwriting, Television Writing

On Campus New Play Development Experience:
All students are required to participate in an on-campus new play development experience. Activities that may satisfy the requirement include:

  •  The Agnes Nixon Playwriting Festival
  •  The 10 Minute Play Festival
  •  An Independent Struble Project of a New Original Work
  •  The Senior Writing Showcase
  •  A project for Vertigo Productions (all new student work)

Off Campus New Play Development Experience:
All students are required to participate in an off-campus new play development experience. Options for satisfying this requirement include:

  • Internships in Literary Management, Asst. Directing, Youth Theatre, Journalism, Magazine Editorial, and Dramaturgy
  • Formal observation of new play process of a professional Chicago Theatre
  • Working commissions for advanced students with Chicago Theatres