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Sound Cultures

This module explores the interdisciplinary field of sound studies with attention to sound as cultural expression, creative practice, and a key component in the study of performance as communication.

Sponsoring Department: Department of Performance Studies, in collaboration with RTVF

Module Coordinator (main student contact): Shayna Silverstein

Committee of Instruction: Ramón Rivera-Servera, Jacob Smith, Neil Verma, Aymar Jean Christian, Stephan Moore, Shayna Silverstein, Justin Zullo

Module Advisor: Exal Iraheta

Learning Objectives :

  • Broaden understandings of how sound articulates and demarcates social spaces and how sound-based practices negotiate social structures
  • Analyze developments and changes in global sound cultures throughout history
  • Describe the role of communicative media in shaping how sound is made, used, and heard
  • Engage with creative sound practices that intersect with other artistic, communicative, and technological media