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The Sound Cultures module culminates in a capstone experience that engages sound as the medium for a creative practice. Capstones may take on a variety of forms including but not limited to: sound as a mode and topic of scholarship (sound ethnography, cultural histories of sound); sound art and installation; and sound media production (soundmap, radio broadcast; podcast; film/video/stage sound design).

In consultation with the module coordinator, the capstone will include:

  • Development of creative or scholarly project that addresses a key issue in sound studies
  • Documentation of ideas and processes that go into the creation of the capstone project
  • ‘Analysis and Reflection’ Paper that interprets the capstone project and process by addressing the following questions: 1) What challenges and constraints emerged during the course of your capstone experience and how did you negotiate these? 2) How do you situate your choices regarding format, media, and mode of sound production within a particular genealogy of arts, culture, and research? 3) What contribution does your project make towards sound scholarship, art, and media, and relatedly, how does your project point to new directions, issues, and topics? 4) What are your plans in sustaining what you have learned and experienced in the Sound Cultures module?