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This module requires the completion of five courses that include two required courses, two topical courses, and the option of one elective course or an approved internship for credit. As most courses will be offered every other year, students may fulfill these credits in no particular order.

Required Courses (2):

Perf St 220 Sound Cultures Silverstein
RTVF 383 Foundations of Sound Design RTVF Staff

Topic courses

Topics courses (2) offered by Perf St and RTVF.

Courses may vary year to year. Examples of past and current topics courses include but are not limited to:

Course Number and Topic Field Course Title (the following courses are intended to suggest the possible courses offered within a given topic field that relate to sound cultures) Instructor
Perf St 316 Folklore and Oral Traditions Johnson
Perf St 330:
Topics in Performance Studies
Sounding America
Sonic Cultures of the Middle East
Sounding Bodies
Found Sound
RTVF 322:
Topics in Film/Music/Video
Genre Smith
RTVF 373:
Topics in Sound
Radio Forms Smith, Moore, Verma
RTVF 379: Topics in Film/Video/Audio Production Music Composition for Media Makers Moore
RTVF 384 Advanced Audio Production Staff
RTVF 398: Issues in RTVF Film Among the Sound Arts Verma
WCAS GEN LA 280-6 Edison to iTunes: The History of Recorded Sound Smith
Topics courses taught by doctoral students. Recent course offerings have included courses on Bollywood Performance, Latin American and Latina/o Dance Cultures, and Bangladeshi Folk Performance.

Elective Courses

Elective course (1) that focuses significantly on sound culture (course subject to approval by module advisor):

  • Related SoC Courses
  • Related Humanities/Communication/Music Courses*
  • Artistic Praxis Courses
  • Independent Study
  • Internship for credit

Internship: Consult with EPICS (The Office of External Program, Internships, and Career Services) for potential placement with a sound/music/media program, organization, or business.

*Key WCAS and Bienen faculty include Alexander Weheliye (African-American Studies), Nitasha Sharma (African-American Studies), Stephen Reinke (Art Theory and Practice), Mark Butler (Music Theory), Jay Alan Yim (Composition), Ryan Dohoney (Musicology).