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Opportunities On and Off Campus:

  • Participation in constellation of ongoing events, programs, performances and collaborations related to sound throughout SoC.
  • Join emerging platform for a vibrant academic dialogue on sound sustained through yearly conferences on emerging topics related to sound, as well as regular visits from professionals in audio science, sound studies, sound art, aural health and sound industries worldwide.
  • Access to physical resources, equipment and personnel at every level, from recording equipment and facilities to special courses, co-sponsored guest lecture series, production workshops and faculty.
  • Follow the projects of MA students, potentially collaborating with that group to drive forward fresh ways of using sound as a way of doing scholarship.
  • Potential publication of student work on Sounding Out! blog
  • Exposure to global network of scholars, artists, and professionals in sound scholarship and sound industries that may lead to possible RA-ships, internships and other career opportunities
  • Develop expertise in a particular region of the world through attention to sound cultures. As part of broader SoC efforts to focus sound-related programs and events on a particular region (e.g. South Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East and North Africa), student may meet key scholars and artists in the region, and become more active in area studies centers and programs on campus.

Community Building Activities:

  • Interaction with alums currently working in the field
  • Attend productions and share responses at informal gatherings
  • Participate in quarterly open forums to review challenges in fieldwork settings.
  • Attending capstone presentations
  • Engaging with MA students, their projects and attending MA shows over several years
  • Attending and participation in related School of Communication events
  • Attending and participation in Guest Speaker Series on Sound at SoC
  • Attending designated group trips to local activities, exhibits, and productions relevant to cultural expression and history of sound
  • Thinking globally about how a focus on sound contributes new perspectives on society and culture and sharing these insights with NU’s international community