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The Capstone Experience

The Strategic and Organizational Communication Capstone has two components:

  1. Completing an internship
  2. Completion of a reflection paper and portfolio, featuring:
    • A beginning curriculum vitae (featuring highlights of academic career, creative work, volunteer work and professional work).
    • A narrative documentation (3-5 pages) of the strategic and organizational communication the student participated in, observed, and evaluated at the internship. Supporting documentation may include development of a substantial project and/or papers at the internship, as well as projects submitted in coursework, photos, videos, web pages, or other materials.
    • A description (2-3 pages) of completed co-curricular and extracurricular activities related to the Strategic and Organizational Communication module. The description should include an explanation of how the student applied her or his knowledge of organizational scholarship toward the co-/extra-curricular activity.
    • This should include a reflection of what the student learned and how it applies to this module.

Capstone projects will be presented as part of the annual capstone showcase for Communication Studies modules.

Capstone Submission
Capstone projects are due on the 5th Friday of the quarter immediately following the one in which the student completed their module course requirements. They will be reviewed by module affiliated faculty. Projects will not be assigned a letter grade; rather, students will be given feedback and comments on their work. Since projects will be archived and viewed later by the alumni advisory board, students will in most cases be asked to make revisions to their project based on the feedback given, even if they have officially ‘passed’ their module requirement.