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Students must complete, or be concurrently enrolled in, this core course in order to be eligible to apply to the module.

COMM_ST 395 Topics in Communication Studies: Strategic Communication


Method Courses (1 required):

COMM_ST 352:  Social Network Analysis
COMM_ST 365:  Organizational Assessment (name change pending from Solving Problems in Applied Organizational Communication)

Content Courses (2 required):

COMM_ST 220:  Theories of Argumentation
COMM_ST 250:  Team Leadership & Decision Making
COMM_ST 367:  Nonprofit Communication Management
COMM_ST 378:  Online Communities and Crowds
COMM_ST 351:  Technology and Human Interaction
COMM_ST 353:  Collaboration Technology
COMM_ST 363:  Bargaining and Negotiation
COMM_ST 364:  Collective Decision Making and Communication in Organizations
COMM_ST 360:  Theories of Organizational Communication
COMM_ST 395:  Culture Analytics
COMM_ST 395: Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Internship (1 required)
Students must register for the internship via the EPICS office, though they may select a variety of credit options.

Suggested courses for further study outside SoC:
SOCIOL 302:  Sociology of Organizations
LOC 211:  Intro to Organization Theory and Practice
LOC 306:  Studies in Organizational Change
IEMS 342:  Organizational Behavior

Detailed course descriptions can be found on the Registrar’s website: