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Capstone Experience

The Capstone for this module should include (but not be restricted to) the following components:

  1. A Professional Portfolio which must include:
    • A bio
    • A beginning curriculum vitae
    • A letter of recommendation
    • A writing sample that exemplifies your knowledge of the field
    • It may also include photos, press clips, lesson plans, study guides, videos, audience feedback and programs from work performed in or produced on campus or off
  2. Submission of 3 Portfolios from classes taken in the modules (these will be returned to you)
  3. An Artistic Reflection with Professional Considerations which must include at least three of the following:
    • Historical understanding of the development of the field and the individuals who contributed to the growth of the field
    • Analysis of works and practices that most engage and enrage the student, and an explanation why
    • Knowledge of institutions, individuals, and resources that promote the development of theatre and drama for young people
    • Reflection on any production or off campus experience that speak to the challenges of artistic collaboration
    • Articulation of an arts advocacy position that includes where to find resources to support the position
  4. An in-depth oral defense of the above points.
  5. Articulation of the “invisible staircase.” The invisible staircase is a series of next steps in the student’s professional and creative development. In jobs outside the arts, these steps are generally given to the individual as part of said job. Students of the arts generally have to envision those steps themselves – thus using the “invisible staircase.
    Articulating those next steps includes considering the following:

    • What skills they’ve developed/experiences they’ve had at NU
    • A list of professional attainable goals based on said skills/experiences
    • A list of future goals (attainable in 3 years or beyond)