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The Capstone should include:

  1. A Personal Professional Portfolio which must include:
    • A professional bio of not more than 250 words
    • A professional theatre management resume
    • At least two (2) letters of recommendation focused on your management and leadership skills
    • A sample professional cover letter
    • A cover page and a table of contents
    • Please note: the Portfolio must be submitted both electronically and on paper
  2. Submission of a Theatre Management Work Portfolio that includes at least one of the following: Production Book, Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Budget, Marketing and P.R. Plan, Fundraising/Development Plan from classes taken in the Module.
  3. A Theatre Management Reflection Statement which includes the following:
    • Understanding of professional theatre management as well as a familiarization with the individuals who are leaders in the field today
    • An overview of theatre companies and other professional producing and theatre management opportunities/jobs available in the United States and globally
    • A Theatre Management and Leadership philosophy statement reflecting module coursework, theatre management experiences on and off campus, professional practices, management skills and leadership styles.
    • Reflection of any off campus productions and/or theatre companies that illuminates theatre management and leadership challenges and successes
  4. An in-depth oral review of your Theatre Management Work Portfolio and a defense of your Theatre Management Reflection Statement.
  5. A Plan articulating reasonable post-graduation professional goals and next steps that will guide the student to begin working in and/or further studying professional theatre management:
    • What skills have been developed/experiences they have had at NU
    • A list of professional attainable goals based on said skills/experiences
    • A list of future goals attainable in three years or beyond