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Approved Theatre Management Courses  (as of 9/15/19)

To complete the module, you must complete four courses, internship, work with a TMM mentor to write your capstone (the quarter prior to graduation) and participate in the TMM Capstone Event.


THEA 292-0 Introduction to Stage Management (NOTE: must be completed by the end of sophomore year)

Core Courses (select at least one):

THEA 396 – Theatre Management and Arts Leadership (Instructor: Alfred Heartly) (Spring)

THEA 390 – Special Topics- Audience and Community Engagement – (Instructor: Joycelyn Prince) (Winter)

THEA 393– Production Management (Instructor: TBD) Note: this course will not be taught in 2020

THEA 392 – Advanced Stage Management (Instructor: TBD) Fall

Optional Courses:

CMN 302 – Law of the Creative Process (Instructor: Rick Morris)

THEA 395 – Special Topics, Broadway in Chicago Marketing Practicum (Instructors: Eileen LeCairo, Ashlee Harris) – Note – this course will not be taught in 2020 (Winter)

380 – Junior Tutorial – Transitioning from Educational to Professional Theatre (Instructor: Barbara Butts) Note: This course will be taught during winter quarter.

COMM ST 367 Nonprofit Communication Management (Instructor: Michelle Shumate)

COMM ST 366 Organizational Behavior and Innovation (Instructor: Michelle Shumate)

BUS INST 302 Marketing Management

BUS INST 394 Leadership and Ethics

BUS INST 225  Principles of Entrepreneurship