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Entry Procedure:

All Northwestern University students are eligible for the Theatrical Design Module. Students will be admitted into the Module following an interview to determine their acceptance in the Module. After being admitted, students will be guided by a mentor from their track in the selection of optional courses to match their specific area(s) of interest in design.

To complete the module, you must complete five courses and present a capstone portfolio of your work from those courses and any applicable production assignments.

Prerequisites (Choose at least 1):

Design Process:  Scenery, Costumes, or Lighting:  THEA 221 – 1/3

Core Courses (Choose at least 1):

Adv Design Process:  Scenery, Costume, or Lighting:  THEA 321 – 1/3

*Please note that each 200 level class is a pre-requisite for each 300 level course

Three of the following Classes are also required

Theatre:  Directing 211
Design Process:  Scenery, Costume, & Lighting 221 – 1/3
Stage Makeup 222-0
Theater Sound 223-0
Advanced Design Process:  Scenery, Costume & Lighting 321 – 1/3
Fundamentals of Light 320-2
History of Costume and Décor 322-0
Advanced Theater Sound 323-0
Scene Painting 324-0
D&P Graphic Arts 325-1
D&P Theatrical Space 325-2
D&P Theatrical Figure 325-3
D&P Drafting 325-4
D&P Freehand Drawing 326-1
D&P Figure in Space 326-2
Textile Arts and Crafts 327-0
Pattern Drafting 328 – 1/3
Computer Graphics (AutoCad/Vectorworks) 329-0
Adv Lighting Design 462-1
Adv Set Design 463-1
Adv Costume Design 464-1

In consultation with the Design Module Coordinator and Advisor, one from either the Advanced Courses:  Performance or the Advanced Courses:  History, Literature, and Criticism may be substituted for one design course.

In consultation with the Design Module Coordinator and Advisor, one course from the following departments: Departments of Anthropology, Art History, Art Theory and Practice, Classics, Humanities, History, and Performance Studies can be substituted.