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Rules and Requirements for Module Completion:

To secure the right to complete a module, students must register their intention to complete the module with the SoC undergraduate office, and they must do so no later than two quarters prior to their date of graduation.

Students must maintain a B- average in module coursework. If their average falls below B-, they will not be permitted to submit a capstone.

Students may not complete any module’s course requirements during their final quarter of study at Northwestern.

Once the student has completed the coursework for a module, the capstone project must be submitted for first review no later than the last day of instruction of the following quarter of study.

A capstone project that receives a failing grade may be revised and resubmitted no more than twice.

To earn a module, the deadline by which a student must successfully complete any capstone project is the end of the eighth week of instruction during his/her final quarter of study at Northwestern, and the work must be submitted for evaluation no later than the last day of the fifth week of instruction.

Students who successfully complete the requirements of a module will receive a notation on their transcript.

Review the module completion form 

SoC Module Completion Timeline
Two quarters prior to completion One quarter prior to completion Quarter of Completion
Register intent to complete the module with module advisor by last day of classes two quarters prior to module completion Complete all required courses for the module one quarter prior to module completion Submit Capstone Project for Evaluation
If this is your graduation quarter, you must submit your capstone project for evaluation by the 5th week of the quarter and successfully complete or defend the capstone by the 8th week of the quarter
If it is NOT your graduation quarter, you must submit your capstone project by the last day of classes of the quarter following the one in which you completed the coursework for the module